World's Most Expensive vs Cheapest Toaster

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  1. Unbox Therapy
    Unbox Therapy
    преди година

    How do you take your toast?

    1. Ralph Power
      Ralph Power
      преди месец

      I can’t make toast : ( it burn

    2. princess brennyn
      princess brennyn
      преди месец

      Always golden brown with butter. Sometimes with honey on top. Or cream cheese or jelly or even once i brûlée’d sugar on it bc i didnt wanna go to the store but I wanted something sweet

    3. Jordan Jones
      Jordan Jones
      преди месец

      i just use waffles in the toaster and i microwave my toast cuz thats thug :)

    4. Ken Edmund
      Ken Edmund
      преди 2 месеца

      With a pan

    5. Soy Milk17
      Soy Milk17
      преди 2 месеца

      With my hand

  2. TheAdeybob
    преди 3 дни

    overpriced crap

  3. Leo Saladassu
    Leo Saladassu
    преди 4 дни

    so yknow how some time ago cars used to have removable radios that came in a block...... toaster

  4. Mabus
    преди 4 дни

    Oh wow I thought they were tiny toasters my bad

  5. WannEBemo
    преди 5 дни

    Who’s here from the altrive video

    1. Geojanik
      преди 3 дни


    2. Pulisic Gaming
      Pulisic Gaming
      преди 3 дни

      I was just too interested

    3. The Skele Man
      The Skele Man
      преди 5 дни


  6. Waleed Mashal
    Waleed Mashal
    преди 7 дни

    Came after altrives stream

  7. vbbbbbbbbbbbb
    преди 7 дни

    took me 9 minutes to go "why the fuck am i watching this"

  8. Crumble.
    преди 8 дни

    When you run out of video ideas and products to review lol.

  9. Romy Kumar
    Romy Kumar
    преди 8 дни

    What a waste content. Maybe if you had gone to a decent school, it would have occurred to you that these two products have different target audience. Both are developed by 'educated' engineers where one group engineered for food prep perfection and other optimised for every material it is made of, for cost effeciency. Unlike the uneducated idiot who can create nothing but blabber in front of camera against other's hard work

  10. Liam Smith
    Liam Smith
    преди 9 дни

    I'd rather use the 13 dollar toaster cause it saves my morning from turning into a science experiment.

  11. Cool Flag
    Cool Flag
    преди 10 дни

    Now I want to spend my entire bank account on a toaster

  12. Adil Benkina
    Adil Benkina
    преди 10 дни

    What would you do if you're the 🍞 winner?

  13. Jisooo
    преди 14 дни

    I would argue that you should get the expensive toaster because then you will always have good toast. Rather than having to deal with mediocre toast and buying the occasional expensive bread to have good toast.

  14. Francisco C
    Francisco C
    преди 14 дни

    this probably sold 100k toasters

  15. Renuka Soren
    Renuka Soren
    преди 15 дни

    That's bullshit

  16. Derrick Fichtner
    Derrick Fichtner
    преди 16 дни

    If you have an extra 500$ and forever to wait for bread then I guess it makes sense

  17. Yusuf sembi
    Yusuf sembi
    преди 16 дни

    more of these please

  18. Shane Hurley
    Shane Hurley
    преди 17 дни

    Me. I'm justifying it. Buying one right now lol

  19. whoopdeedoo
    преди 17 дни

    Was going to buy but I like my toast at a 7.

  20. Kathy Knight
    Kathy Knight
    преди 17 дни

    I've always heard it pronounced Proctor Sigh-lex.

  21. Ezechiel10
    преди 17 дни

    I'm taking a shit and watching 2 men eat toasts, good times

    преди 18 дни

    (i have a lot to say and edited this a ton while watching) Why is an automotive company creating applicances that are expensive I sure hope that the rice cooker looks professional like the toaster The Really Toasted toast i would eat

    преди 18 дни

    Its nice to watch a canadian BGsun since i am canadian

  24. butt bros saad
    butt bros saad
    преди 21 ден


  25. Rhob's Lo-Fi and Relaxing music Flavours...
    Rhob's Lo-Fi and Relaxing music Flavours...
    преди 22 дни

    4,5,6,8 is the thickness of the bread. In japan 4 means 4 slices in a packet so its quite thick. You can see in the picture, as the number increases the thickness decreases.

  26. Mavvy Chiew
    Mavvy Chiew
    преди 22 дни

    Fun Fact: The expensive toaster is called Mitsubishi TO-ST1-T.

  27. John Jones
    John Jones
    преди 23 дни

    Cheese 11:55

  28. Kathy Turman
    Kathy Turman
    преди 23 дни

    Ridiculous. A cheap toaster gets the job done.

    1. Geojanik
      преди 3 дни

      i don't care i want it

  29. xKickAss101
    преди 24 дни

    08:38 so Canadian 😂 if u get it

  30. John Pelasio
    John Pelasio
    преди 25 дни

    I’m sold. I need this 😂

  31. Anonymous Gamer
    Anonymous Gamer
    преди 25 дни

    10:04 jack gets the smaller one 😂😂😂😂

  32. Outofideas
    преди 26 дни

    3:21 (Here is my comment)

  33. Henrik Bienstein
    Henrik Bienstein
    преди 27 дни

    Toast your bread when its frozen, then it will come out with a creamier middle.

  34. AJ__suppabored__
    преди 29 дни

    I'm curious if it works with waffles

  35. Graphic
    преди месец

    I N F O R M E R C I AL alert!!!

  36. gardini100
    преди месец

    sometimes you buy things that just looks nice, i think I want one it goes well in my kitchen

  37. Arthur Morgan
    Arthur Morgan
    преди месец

    08:49 The air of the bread is protected xD

  38. Abhishek Agarwal
    Abhishek Agarwal
    преди месец

    One can't analyze toast without tea

  39. E. D'North
    E. D'North
    преди месец

    Isnèt the 400 dollar toaster basically just a foreman grill without the bumps and a few additional bells and whistles?

  40. LòóngsOut
    преди месец

    Y u look like me

  41. ns
    преди месец

    Bruh tho whole episode there was one word running through my mind… BUTTER

  42. Reuben Marcus
    Reuben Marcus
    преди месец

    Could not stop laughing!

  43. Tom Ward
    Tom Ward
    преди месец

    Bugatti Toaster is $3000

  44. Houseoffinch
    преди месец

    You can totally fit 2 pieces of Cobbs in the Japanatoaster

  45. J L
    J L
    преди месец

    Like 6 minutes of nothing just talking in jersey

  46. Kevin
    преди месец

    That toaster is literally the best thing since sliced bread!

  47. WithThePrigg
    преди месец

    Me watching this with a frozen uncrustable

  48. Hudson Caceres
    Hudson Caceres
    преди месец

    The lack of background noise in intro audio is interesting

  49. thomas Xavier
    thomas Xavier
    преди месец

    Depends upon the bread 🍞😉

  50. Morbid Productions
    Morbid Productions
    преди месец

    It toasts 1 bread at a time 😂😂

  51. Morbid Productions
    Morbid Productions
    преди месец

    This is the finniest shit i have ever seen .. love the edits 🤣🤣🤣

  52. Deviant_Semicolon
    преди месец

    *laughs in toaster oven*

  53. Heyalth
    преди месец

    toast it in the pan after you cook your eggs and dont spend almost a weeks wage on a fucking toaster after watching this guy exaggerate a reaction over cooked bread

  54. Demo
    преди месец

    I will still toast my bread on a skillet on a stove.

  55. Joshua Waiswa
    Joshua Waiswa
    преди месец

    I can't believe am watching two guys eating bread..

  56. Knathan Knathan
    Knathan Knathan
    преди месец

    It’s not baked goods; it’s just some loaf of bread

  57. AvengerX Savage
    AvengerX Savage
    преди месец

    On some high shittt

  58. ΔLPHΔ
    преди месец

    That walk away reaction 10:10 ! Wonder how many mitsubishi toasters this guy helped sell. I know I bought mine because of him lol

  59. The Tower - Fantasy Music
    The Tower - Fantasy Music
    преди месец

    Literally, I paused this video just before the expensive toaster and made some toast

  60. baron
    преди месец

    wow, this toaster looks like the best invention since sliced...

  61. Dionne Childs
    Dionne Childs
    преди месец

    I’m gonna buy this and invite people over for For real.

  62. ZYDRA
    преди месец

    I genuinely have no idea why am i even watching this

  63. Omar Guardado
    Omar Guardado
    преди месец

    the second time i feel like i NEED a “most expensive....” item. first time was the dvla speaker

  64. Eternas E & P
    Eternas E & P
    преди месец

    He no like maths 11:08

    1. Eternas E & P
      Eternas E & P
      преди месец

      That's like less than a dollar a day = 1.09

  65. Rack C
    Rack C
    преди месец


  66. Zishe Singer
    Zishe Singer
    преди месец

    Never knew that it's possible to talk about Bread for more then ten minutes...

  67. Lee Stuart
    Lee Stuart
    преди месец

    I ordered one as soon as I saw the first piece come out of it. Can’t wait to make a mean ass grilled cheese in that bad boy.

  68. princess brennyn
    princess brennyn
    преди месец

    Im watching this bc my housemates are against toasters for sum reason? I miss toast… and waffles and bagels and English muffins and honestly my life as i used to know it

  69. Shlurpy Durp
    Shlurpy Durp
    преди месец

    The fact people would actually buy this makes me angry...

  70. J D
    J D
    преди месец

    You need to compare this toaster to an old Irish toaster - a long fork and an open fire

  71. KN Brandon
    KN Brandon
    преди месец

    it uses the bread's own water🤣..... coolest thing I've heard in a while

  72. The Fiend
    The Fiend
    преди месец

    I’m still trying to find that tv stand bro. Let me know.

  73. 00pingvin00
    преди месец

    7:33 dogo

  74. Shawn Hanatani
    Shawn Hanatani
    преди месец

    The 4, 5, 6, 8 setting isn't for how toasted you want it :). Its for how thick the toast is... its common for bread here in Japan to be sold as 4 / 5 / 6 / 8 cut.. meaning that is how many slices you get per loaf. Higher numbers meaning you get more slices so the the individual slice is thinner. Given how thin the slice of bread you guys were toasting.. hope you had it on the 8 setting.

  75. Amar Aldnifat
    Amar Aldnifat
    преди месец

    Now Gugu's food must try this with kobe wagyu A5 and make wagyu sandwich

  76. Mister J
    Mister J
    преди месец

    Oh yes, the good American toast. Which would probably end up in a pig's bucket here in Germany.

  77. Mister J
    Mister J
    преди месец

    00:58 These are not slices of toast, they look more like two pieces of cake.

  78. Tayballout
    преди месец

    Not sure how I got here, I enjoyed my time here hope whoever’s reading this has a good time too

    1. Omar Guardado
      Omar Guardado
      преди месец

      here to let you know i had a great time

  79. Maxym max
    Maxym max
    преди месец

    "Toast it's a little bit dry ". 😅😅😅🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️. It s supposed to be juicy??

  80. Altyn Dom
    Altyn Dom
    преди месец

    Why can’t we cook the bread fully to begin with, since all this toasting creates a lot of hassle.

  81. 克里斯提Kris
    преди месец

    The cheap one doesn't look cheap, im rich, and I've been using one of these for the last few years, does the job like a 100.000$ toaster

    1. John Doe
      John Doe
      преди месец

      Can I have some money

  82. Dust Rock Blues
    Dust Rock Blues
    преди месец

    Praise the Omnissiah

  83. WarHawk
    преди месец

    I personally love well done toast...the Cheap toaster is better to me.

  84. Rehbstar
    преди месец

    11:16 Why no bread for him?

  85. Here We Are Now
    Here We Are Now
    преди 2 месеца

    The silence at the beginning made me laugh for no reason 😆

  86. Osama Alaubaidi
    Osama Alaubaidi
    преди 2 месеца

    We need more content like this

  87. Hamid Manzar
    Hamid Manzar
    преди 2 месеца

    I’ve never heard the word bread being spoken more than I have In this video

  88. crypto pathfinder
    crypto pathfinder
    преди 2 месеца

    now u see how u are prodded to buy more and more expensive crap! I love bread and my toaster? forgot how much I paid for it, does just fine! for real for real!

  89. Cj Chin
    Cj Chin
    преди 2 месеца

    you need to do a comparison between the Mitsubishi toaster and the Balmuda toaster!

    преди 2 месеца

    use a regular wide pan that you already have put 2 plain slices of wheat or white bread in brown for 1 second on both sides . butter is optional !!

  91. Duiy
    преди 2 месеца

    Bro I just cook my toast on a pan it taste like the premium roster probably

    преди 2 месеца

    ...what's the dog's name? Looks like he needs some PREMIUM TOASTED DOG BISCUITS...(your next review?)

    преди 2 месеца

    ...hopefully, Crappy Tire still has that cheapo toaster...I need a new one...

    преди 2 месеца

    hah hah hah 8:51 "the AIR of the bread is PROTECTED"...well, DUDE...that makes the Mitsu toaster really worth's ENVIRONMENTALLY conscious!!...protect that air, bud...!!!

    преди 2 месеца

    1:00 ummm...that would be PROCTOR SIE LEXX not PROCTOR SILL EX ...wooooooooh

  96. PsychoDumplin
    преди 2 месеца

    I like how Lew just randomly starts random stories out of nowhere 🤣

  97. Max Lee
    Max Lee
    преди 2 месеца

    spells out "tost 1t" instead of saying it lol

  98. Ben Murphy
    Ben Murphy
    преди 2 месеца

    They shouldve done this blindfolded.

  99. MonikerAddict
    преди 2 месеца

    Model TO-STI-T aka "Toast It"

  100. Edward Elric
    Edward Elric
    преди 2 месеца

    I’m tempted to buy one and try to make a grilled cheese in there